How to Teach a Conure to Talk?

I really like parrots, they’re such pretty birds. And it’s even better if they can talk! Conures are a type of parrot, and they’re often called the clowns of the parrot family. They can make great pets. But can they talk?

Well, yes, conures can talk, but they’re not as good at it as some other parrots like cockatoos and African greys. They don’t have a huge vocabulary compared to those birds, but they can learn a few words and phrases.

Usually, conures only say a few words, though some can learn more. On average, a conure can learn about ten words. They can imitate human voices, but their imitation isn’t as clear as that of an African grey parrot.

Most people who have conures as pets will tell you first about how energetic, fun, and affectionate they are, before mentioning their talking abilities.

Talking AbilityNot the Best Talker
LoudnessVery loud parrots
Sound LevelAs loud as 120 decibels
VocabularyAround 10 words or less
Can Learn to TalkYes
Sound ClarityNot very clear

sun conure can talk

Do conures talk?

Conures aren’t known for talking much, and they have a small vocabulary. When they do talk, it’s not as clear as African Grey Parrots.

Their voices sound like birds, so it’s not easy for people who aren’t familiar with birds to understand what they’re saying.

But here’s an interesting thing: even though conures don’t know many words, they can copy human sounds like laughter and sneezes. Sometimes, Nanday conures make sounds that sound like human speech, kind of like how babies make sounds when they’re learning to talk.

This can happen when you’re on the phone or talking to someone else, and it’s cute but can be a little distracting.

What is the Vocabulary Range of Conures?

A survey by Talking-Poll looked into how well conures can talk. According to the survey, about 80 percent of conures can speak a little bit.

When it comes to how many words they know, Aratinga conures like the cherry-headed conure seem to do better than other types. Interestingly, it seems like male conures might know a bit more words on average.

Besides their vibrant colors, Aratinga conures have voices that some people find very loud.

Generally, Pyrrura conures, which have more muted colors like green cheeks and maroon bellies, tend to be quieter. But in the survey, the conure with the biggest vocabulary was a quieter green-cheeked female conure.

What Age Do Conures Talk?

Usually, conures start talking when they’re about 3 months to a year old. They have soft, gravelly voices, so you might not realize they’re talking right away.

Conures really enjoy talking to their bird friends. They talk by making chirping sounds, whispering, purring, and mumbling. It’s like their way of having a chat with each other.

Can female conures talk?

Female conures can definitely learn to talk. While they may not chat as much as male conures, they can still pick up quite a few words. Usually, female conures tend to be quieter and talk less than males.

But here’s the thing: if you spend time training and being social with your female conure, she can become a great talker too. It’s all about giving her the right attention and care.

Can you Teach Conures to talk?

Absolutely, you can teach conures to talk, but remember, they won’t sound exactly like humans. Teaching them takes time, and it can vary from days to months or even years.

The key is to be patient and gentle with your conure. If you get too pushy, it can harm your relationship with them. The good part is that teaching your conure to talk can be a fun and rewarding experience for both of you.

While many conures pick up words and phrases on their own, you can speed up their learning by training them. You can also ask them to say specific things when you want them to.

How to train a conure to talk?

The easiest way to get your bird to talk is to talk to it. Just like how babies learn to speak by hearing others, conures want to communicate with you in their own way.

So, you can help your conure learn by talking to them when they’re eating treats, playing with toys, or doing anything else. Sometimes, your conure might surprise you by saying something unexpected, even if you’ve been saying certain words to them for a while.

Here’s a simpler way to teach your conure to talk:

  1. Use simple words: Talk to your conure using easy words like “Hey” or “Hello,” and say them in the same way each time. Your bird will copy your sounds.
  2. Repeat every day: Keep saying the same word every day to your bird. If you’re consistent and repeat it often, your conure will learn to say it back.
  3. Learn what your bird likes: Figure out what makes your bird happy, and when it repeats a word, reward it with a treat.
  4. Record your voice: If you want your bird to practice when you’re not there, you can play recordings of your voice. Play them for about an hour or two each day to help your bird learn words faster.
  5. Make words more complex: Once your bird can say simple words, start teaching it simple sentences.
  6. Be patient: Conures may take some time to learn new words, so don’t rush. Talk to your bird every day and spend time with it, and it will eventually learn to say your words.

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